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Assignment 203- Task B continued. Biii) Describe ways of working that are inclusive and support anti-discriminatory practice. For example, you could plan activities that all individuals can be involved in regardless of ability, providing information and support that all individuals can access and understand whether it be in forms of pictures, sound or anything else. Being accepted and involved can empower individuals so that they don’t make themselves easy targets for any act of discrimination, including individuality of religion and culture or it may be that they have a mental or physical disability. This enables others to get to know the individual and learn about them so they are less likely to stereotype or use discriminatory practice against them. You could also check that policies and procedures do not discriminate and you could bring up any poor practice in staff meetings or tell your manager. If nothing is done then make a note of every occasion you see and report it to CQC or contact the Equality Advisory Support Service to gain information on what steps you should take to report anything. Biv) Explain how working in an inclusive way which recognizes difference, can reduce the likelihood of discrimination. When working in an inclusive way you are openly communicating with any clients/patients, getting to know what the like or dislike and building trust with this person. When a person has someone they trust they become less of a ‘victimized’ person and are less likely to be picked out or to be discriminated against. Equality and equal opportunities used to suggest that everyone is treated the same and should therefore be treated exactly the same. A recognition of that by as many people as possible meant that there would be no logical explanation for any person to find a difference or discrimate, Everyone is not the same but care workers should

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