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America was started with Jamestown but as I read I feel that I could do much better I have many ideas and other options that I would have gone instead of what they done. I would bring an equal amount of girls and men I would want the women to be able to get pregnant to make sure our population would continue to grow. In the men I would bring s strong educated guys that know how 2 build houses plant crops pretty much do anything that is asked of him to the best of his abilities. I don't want the women to just be somebody who can carry a child I would want the women to be well educated to pass on the knowledge to the children and also know how to do exactly what a man can do. I would also bring teachers to help educate our children I would bring doctors to make sure that if somebody does get sick they can get the help they need and I would also bring carpenters farmers and people who is well educated in all areas, it doesn't matter whether it whether they are female or male as long as they can get the job done. As for supplies I would bring any kind of handy equipment like hammers or anything to help build houses .I would bring food that can last for a while and doesn't cost that much I would bring a lot it. Also on the list of items I would bring would be wood anything to help make shelter or assist with planting crops. In my new America I would allow all of my citizens that are there an equal vote and go off of what they think is right because if I make the decision on my own I am only using my mind which would make me happy and I want everybody in my world to be happy. Not everybody is going to be happy but at least majority of people will be happy. Location is everything when trying to make a new world I would stay exactly where they put Jamestown because I feel that if they thought it was right at first you always go with your first choice. There is an advantage

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