Hht1 Finite Math Applications Essay

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HHT1 Finite Math Applications Task A. 1. To determine if Student1 has enough points to achieve at least 90% I created a ratio based on the number of points needed to get a grade of 100% and the number of points earned by Student1. 334/100 = 299/n 334n = 29900 n = 89.52095808 89.52095808 rounded to a whole number is 90%, due to the 5 in the tenths place which causes the number to be rounded up. The teacher will give Student1 with 299 points in the term an A in the class. 2. Student1 would not have received an A for the class if the teacher had truncated the percentage to a whole number. The percentage of 89.52095808 truncated to a whole number would equal 89% which would not satisfy the requirement of at least 90% to get an A for Student1. 3. Teaching middle school mathematics Before starting to explain the course material I would have a brief discussion with the children to get a gauge on their knowledge of taxes. I would create a few scenarios to explain taxing and basic percentages in a fun way. In order to develop a general understanding of the subject and to introduce new terminology. Jones income at 28% generates $14. The government prefers and requires taxpayers to round the tax rate to be rounded because it prevents them from losing income tax revenue and works out in their favor.000 would then be taxed at 27% and she would pay $13. By rounding the items up to the next whole dollar . Mrs. Jones the government would earn $13. if Ms. Jones would be saving $400 by having her income tax rate truncated to a whole number. Jones income tax rate was truncated to a whole number her salary of $50. Jones is making $50.8% would hope that their tax rate be truncated because their tax rate would then be 27%. If the income tax rate were truncated to 27% in the case of Ms.900 income tax.8% in their pocket. I will often round items up to a whole dollar amount

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