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EC1003, Autumn Term Topics in Microeconomics, November 2014 Coursework (Part 2 of 3) This is the second of three courseworks you will have to complete for this module this term. It carries a third, or approximately 33%, of the overall module mark. You should submit your electronic files (through Moodle) no later than Friday, 5th December, 4 pm. Submit your Essay answering the 4 questions below in less than 600 words overall. Be organised and concise as the word limit will be strictly enforced. You will need to base your answers on the lecture notes and the relevant reading and summarize in your own words. Please write the number of Words at the top of your coursework. Policy makers have recently discussed the possibility of delivering preventive treatments such as vaccines against malaria at subsidized prices in developing countries. Answer the following questions: a. How can they justify this policy? Give at least two reasons and explain them. b. Explain how analysts could assess its short run and long run impacts on health and development of children and the challenges this would raise. c. Do you think that this policy would be sustainable? Explain the reasons why this may or may not be the case by taking one example of a similar policy implemented in a developing country in the past. d. How would a policy maker decide which policy to implement to promote health and development if he has the choice between this vaccination campaign and other interventions? Explain clearly the reasoning by giving an example of a past policy, which was successful at improving health and development in the short and long run and was put high on the donors’

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