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Not to be confused with Flavored fortified wines. A glass of port, a fortified wine. Fortified wine is a wine to which a distilled spirit, usually brandy, is added.[1] Many different styles of fortified wine have been developed, including Port, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala, Commandaria wine and the aromatized wine Vermouth.[2] Contents 1 Production 2 Varieties 2.1 Commandaria wine 2.2 Madeira wine 2.3 Marsala wine 2.4 Mistelle 2.5 Port wine 2.6 Sherry 2.7 Vermouth 2.8 Vins doux naturels 2.9 Low-end fortified wines 3 Terminology 4 See also 5 References 6 External links Production Sherry barrels aging. The original reason for fortifying wine was to preserve it, since ethanol is a natural antiseptic. Even though other preservation methods now exist, fortification continues to be used because the process can add distinct flavors to the finished product.[citation needed] Although grape brandy is most commonly added to produce fortified wines, the additional alcohol may also be neutral spirit that has been distilled from grapes, grain, sugar beets, or sugarcane. Regional appellation laws may dictate the types of spirit that are permitted for fortification. The source of the additional alcohol and the method of its distillation can affect the flavor of the fortified wine. If neutral spirit is used, it will usually have been produced with a continuous still, rather than a pot still.[2] When added to wine before the fermentation process is complete, the alcohol in the distilled beverage kills the yeast and leaves residual sugar behind. The end result is a wine that is both sweeter and stronger, normally containing about 20% alcohol by volume (ABV). During the fermentation process, yeast cells in the must continue to convert sugar into alcohol

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