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Of all the characters in A Doll’s House, Mrs. Kristine Linde serves as the most functional in terms of plot development. It is as though Henrik Ibsen was writing Act One and wondering, “How will I let the audience know the inner thoughts of my protagonist? I know! I’ll introduce an old friend, and Nora Helmer can then reveal everything! We see that Mrs. Linde is a tough, wise and an experienced woman who has been through a lot in life. In the story, she represents the sacrificial role of women during the time at which the play was written. We see that she sacrifices love for the sake of her family. She refuses to marry a man who she truly loves. And instead she marries a businessman because she needs the money to support her family. We see that she enters Act one as a lonely, hopeless widow and as a forgotten friend who is just looking for a job. Then we get to know how her sacrifice failed as now her husband and her mother have passed away, and her brothers have grown up and are able to support themselves now .And how she has “ nothing to live for “ . Mrs. Linde had to work a lot in order to support herself after her husband has died. But is she happy with that? She definitely is. She is also proud of the work she had to do to survive. “You haven’t known much trouble or hardship in your own life”, said Mrs. Linde to Nora. And here we can feel that there is a slight sense of bragging and that Mrs. Linde is actually proud of the idea that she could support herself and that she is not dependant on anyone, unlike Nora who is totally reliant on Helmer. Mrs. Linde’s experiences in life had taught her to always be realistic and always expect things that can actually happen to happen. They have also taught her the way the society thinks, acts and judges others. She learned what the society is all about, how the society sees things and pictures others. She completely

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