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Christian Theology Page 211 (1) What is involved in God’s creating humans in his “image”? What is the theological meaning of man and woman? First, we note that human beings derive their origin by a direct act of God initiated in the divine counsel. Thus, man’s highly personal nature is immediately signaled. The man and woman are not the product of impersonal time plus chance events. Rather, they are the act of a personal agent who thinks so highly of these creatures whom he made into his own image that he addresses them as covenant partners and agents like himself who are commissioned to effect spiritual and moral purposes in the earth (Gen. 1:28-30). Our first and most important quality, then, is that we are theocentric through and through. Our origin, nature, and purpose of existence are all intertwined with God. We are divinely dependent beings. (2) Do you regard human beings as bipartite or tripartite or neither? To me, the tripartite view is the one that makes the most sense, and I believe it has more scriptural backing than the bipartite view. Obviously, our body is the physical part of us, and it is through our body that we connect to the physical world through our 5 senses. Moreover, the soul is man’s self-consciousness, and is the seat of our personality. The soul is made up of the mind (Prov. 19:2, Lam. 3:20), the will (Psalm 27:12, Psalm 35:25, original words:”soul”) and emotions. Also, The spirit is the highest part of our being, the part of us that connects to God. The spirit serves three functions – to fellowship or commune with God (John 4:23) to know right from wrong through the conscience (Acts 17:16) and to perceive things through our intuition (Mark 2:8, 1 Cor. 2:11) Unlike the body and the soul, the human spirit is said to be “dormant” or “dead” (Eph 2:1) until the time we experience spiritual birth or regeneration. At that time, the things

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