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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Road safety is a multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional subject. It includes orderly development and management of roads, provision of safer vehicles, and a comprehensive response to accidents. It relies on modern traffic management systems and practices, improved safety standards in design, construction, operation and maintenance of roads, and production and maintenance of safer vehicles. Owing to unsafe conditions on roads, the rate of accidents in India has been high. According to WHO statistics for 2002, out of about 11.8 lakh road accident deaths across the world, 84,674 deaths were reported from India alone. In the year 2004, the number of road accident deaths in India increased to 92,618.the social cost of road accidents in India at about 3 per cent of GDP. Considering the gravity of the situation, there is consensus that concerted measures are necessary for reducing this high level of accident deaths and injuries through improved safety measures and traffic management. In India with the expansion in road network, motorization and urbanization in the country, the number of road accidents have surged. Road traffic injuries (RTIs) and fatalities have emerged as a major public health concern, with RTIs having become one of the leading causes of deaths, disabilities and hospitalizations which impose severe socio-economic costs across the world. Road safety is an issue of national concern, considering its magnitude and gravity and the consequent negative impacts on the economy, public health and the general welfare of the people. Today, RTIs are one of the leading causes of deaths, disabilities and hospitalizations, with severe socioeconomic costs, across the world. World Health Statistics 2008 cited in Global Status Report on Road Safety states that RTIs in 2004 were the 9th leading cause of death and at

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