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HFCS-Political The high cost of cane and beet sugar is one key reason HFCS is ubiquitously used by the American food industry. Sugar tariffs as well as corn and sugar subsidies brought about this significant difference in the prices of sugar and HFCS (Hopkins, 2006). According to an article written by Kate Hopkins, the federal government ensures that HFCS remains much cheaper than sugar. That way, the government avoids losses that could result from the farmers producing too much corn or from the farmers forfeiting their corn when market prices are low. In other words, the federal government manipulates the market prices of sugar and HFCS. In an article made available by the CATO institute, a libertarian research and advocacy organization, James Bovard holds the Archer Daniels Midland Cooperation (ADM) accountable for the high cost of sugar and HFCS. According to this article, ADM has been the top recipient of cooperate welfare in recent U.S. history. Also according to this article, ADM gave both the republican and democratic parties millions of dollars in handouts. In return, ADM gets billion-dollar benefits from taxpayers and consumers. And with the tariffs and subsidies on sugar, ADM has cost the American economy and people billions of dollars. In addition to that, about 43% of ADM’s profits are from products heavily subsidized by the government (Bovard, 1995). Reference: Hopkins, Kate. "Tariffs and Subsidies - The Literal Cost of High Fructose Corn Syrup." Weblog post. Accidental Hedonist. 26 Jan. 2006. Web. 20 February 2012 <http://www.accidentalhedonist.com/index.php/2006/01/24/tariffs_and_subsidies_the_literal_cost_o> Bovard, James. “Archer Daniels Midland: A case study in cooperate welfare. Weblog post. CATO Institute: Individual liberty, free markets and Peace. 26 September 1995. Web. 20 February 20, 2012

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