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ENGL 201 L11 David Oakleaf Topic for First 750-Word Essay Starting from ONE of the topics below, write a persuasive, well organized essay of about 750 words, supporting an explicitly stated thesis by referring precisely to (and quoting from) the novel you are discussing. Eligible novels for this assignment are Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 1. Taking one episode told in both the editor’s narrative and Robert’s first-person confession—a game on the common, for example, or the scene on Arthur’s Seat or the murder of George—decide in detail how they differ. At that point, ask yourself to what extent each of the storyteller’s is telling the truth—and answer your question! Do you accept or doubt the editor more than Robert? Or do you find yourself somewhere in between? 2. In an argument we looked at in class, Gary Kelly suggests that Robert’s religious language has a political dimension that “build[s] up an association between passion for religious and political reform and desire for power.” Are there other signs that Robert is drawn as much to power in this world as to a reward in heaven? What do they tell us about how to interpret Robert’s narrative? 3. Emphasizing one of the encounters with a character speaking Scots (instead of standard English), decide how much insight the speaker has into the mysterious events in the novel. Possible scenes include John Barnet’s conversation with the clergyman who fires him (Robert’s adoptive father); the servant, Bessie Gillies, testifying at Bell Calvert’s trial; Samuel Scrape’s (Penpunt’s) explanation to Robert of how the local villagers (“the auld wives of the clachan”) view him (146) or his story of Robin Ruthven.

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