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ESOL Literacies: Access 2 Tutor guide [pic] [pic] Acknowledgements Cover photo © istockphoto.com/Chris Schmidt Publishing information First edition Published date: March 2008 Publication code: BB4354 First Published 2008 Published by the Scottish Qualifications Authority The Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8DQ Ironmills Road, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 1LE www.sqa.org.uk The information in this publication may be reproduced in support of SQA qualifications. If it is reproduced, SQA should be clearly acknowledged as the source. If it is to be used for any other purpose, then written permission must be obtained from the Assessment Materials and Publishing Team at SQA. It must not be reproduced for trade or commercial purposes. © Scottish Qualifications Authority 2008 ESOL Literacies (Access 2) Learning Support Materials Introduction The Adult ESOL Strategy for Scotland (the Strategy) was launched in March 2007. The Strategy sets out the direction and structure of ESOL provision in Scotland, as well as proposing a structure of support and professionalisation for the ESOL teaching community in their delivery of ESOL in the 21st century. Adult ESOL literacies learners are one of the groups supported within the Strategy. An adult ESOL literacies learner is a person who has little or no literacy in English and who may or may not have literacy in another language and whose spoken English may range from basic to fluent. To coincide with the launch of the Strategy, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has produced two National Units for such learners within the revised NQ ESOL framework. The materials included here are designed to supplement existing resources when preparing learners

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