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slobbery. I am bear hugged by my Dad who would never choose to let go if he had the choice. I am embraced by my Mom printing permanent red lipstick kisses all over my cheeks and my role model, my brother, squeezes me tight in a hug. Family gives me memories, safety, comfort, happiness and love. Physically home for me is Chicago. The towering buildings, the scolding hot beaches, sea of yellow cabs and the busy fast paced atmosphere is what keeps my heart beating and my blood pumping. Ever since I was old enough to walk, I took the subway with my family to nearly every single Cubs game at Wrigley Field. When questioning my Mom on her favorite childhood memory, she instantly answered “Wrigley Field! “. Every generation has brought down with them the love for baseball and especially the Chicago Cubs. Not only is it the actual sport that we are all so attached to, it’s the feeling of Wrigley. Starting off your day hunting for a parking spot in the neighborhood, walking through the streets hearing “Peanuts! Peanuts! One dollaaah peanuts!” or “I hope the Cubs win” and “Maybe someone will hit a homerun” comments are exchanged. Slowly approaching Wrigley, I take in the striking red brick of the building with the bold green ivy lazily climbing its walls and the “WRIGLEY FIELD, Home of the CHICAGO CUBS” sign screaming out from the front. to actually entering Wrigley. One’s senses are attacked with the smell of

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