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Week 7 Notes A palace of the Sabbath * A day for the soul, one to ignore worldly labor * A day to rejuvenate the body * Rest for the sake of activity * Secular view, differing from the bible * Biblical view of the Sabbath * “A day for the sake of life” * It Is not an interlude, but a climax * Perfect Rest-Union of body, mind and imagination * A palace in time * Expressions in the negative * Love for the Saabbath * Love for a day like the poets love for a woman * Likeness of God can be found in time, which is eternity in disguise\ * This love is shared by man and god * Rules of observance designed to allow total devotion * Law was attainable for even ordinary people * Human life supersedes all laws * Moderation * Dangers of too much severity * Dangers of too much leniency * The delight of the Sabbath * A day for both spiritual and corporeal goals * For man observe it with mind and body * Cf. Siddhartha’s Enlightenment * The story of the prince among the commoners * His recall and desire to celebrate * No one is able to celebrate alone * The soul cannot celebrate alone, the body is needed * The tale of the rabbi in the cave * No way of knowing the days * Smoking addiction * Recognition of the Sabbath * Gods final creation * Menuha- rest * A positive force that completes the universe * The good life – stillness, man at rest, free of strife * Associated with the afterlife Enid Schildkrout * Director of the American Museum od Natural History * The importance of body art in society * Skin: visibly way of defining identity * Arnold Van Gennep – tattooing, ect, in

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