Hey I Am for Here Essay

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1. It’s raining cats and dogs. إنما تمطر بغزارة 2. If I were in your shoes لو كنت مكانك 3. How come! لماذا 4. What’s up ماذا يجري\ما الجديد 5. Speak of the devil ذكر الديب و حيي القضيب 6. He’s nuts إنه مجنون 7. He’s gone bananas لقد فقد عقله 8. He has jumped out of/from the frying pan into the fire من الدلفى إلى تحت المزراب 9. His bark is worse than his bite 10. She put her foot in her mouth 11. Break a leg 12. Hit the road 13. She hit the sack 14. Give me five 15. She gave him a hand 16. They danced the night away 17. He’s a pain in the neck 18. She hit the ceiling with anger 19. I have my hands full 20. Kiss your money goodbye 21. Take it easy 22. Take care of yourself 23. I take it with a grain of salt 24. I’m all ears; go on with your story 25. You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you? 26. He seems to be carrying coal to Newcastle. 27. He uses the hit and run tactic 28. She’s a Madonna 29. Keep your fingers crossed 30. What’s cooking good looking? 31. He plays an important role. 32. She has a finger in every pie. 33. I can’t seem to make ends meet 34. They’ll tie the knot sometime next week. 35. The lonesome cowboy kicked the bucket 36. The sight of food turned his stomach 37. Get to the point. Stop beating around the bush. 38. To the best if my knowledge, he is Thailand 39. We are all in the same boat 40. Don’t call me names 41. She carried herself well 42. I tried to catch the director’s eye. 43. There is an element of truth in what she said 44. Please keep an eye on the store while I’m gone. 45. We don’t see eye to eye on this issue 46. There is more to you than meets the eye. 47. I took it for granted that you would participate 48. This traffic jam is getting on my nerves

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