Hey!!!Are We Still Talking or Disconnected Now Essay

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Have you ever been in a new relationship, which you thought everything was going to be prefect and nothing could go wrong? Every spare moment you find yourself texting love messages to your significant other such as; “How are you honey, I miss you, can’t to see you, and I love you always.” You are so impatient to waste another day without your partner; therefore you plan to have a romantic date to extend the romance from texting to up close and personal space. The special night arrives; candles are lit with dozens of roses on the table, champagne is toasted for finding new love, and dinner is delicious. However, throughout the night something seems to be missing. You are gazing into each other’s eyes, and thinking on what is lacking on this perfect occasion? Finally, after the awkward silence for the past half hour has been broken, you blurt out and say, “Hey are still we talking or disconnected now?” You realize that there aren’t any sparks you thought you had before this date. The romance is there but how can you rekindle love that is stuck in writing communication into verbal conversation? In the words of Sherry Turkle, Professor of the Social studied of Science Technology at M.I.T and author of an article “Can you hear me now”. “Thanks to technology people can be more connected- or more alienated.” Lack of verbal communication is the problem new couples are suffering from. They are afraid to express their feelings into face to face conversation. Therefore, they depend on technology to avoid their true fear of human interaction. Technology only works in a relationship when it’s concrete. Turkle point out in the article “These days it is easier for people live without technical expertise to blend their real and virtual lives. In the world of Second Life, a virtual world produced by Linden Lab, you can make real money; you can run a real business.

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