Hexane Lab Report

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Discussion: According to the observation, the original mixture separate to two points in both solvents. That means the original mixture contains two substances and the distances from the point to the starting line show the position of substance in this solvent. When the observations and positions of the original mixture were compared to the first and the second fractions, only one point part on first fraction under hexane solvent and the position of it is exact the same with the one in original mixture and there is also only one point on second fraction having the same position with the one in original mixture. It means that the samples we separated are pure enough to show only one pure point in each fraction under hexane solvent. Under toluene…show more content…
Even though the results under hexane and toluene are similar, the distances of original mixture, first and second fraction are different from hexane and toluene solvent because they have different polarity. As first fraction containing fluorene, which is much non-polar than fluoreone, fluorene in first fraction is much easier to carry by the moving non-polar solvent. Thurs, as the more non-polar the solvent is the longer distance that fluorene will move. Since hexane has larger non-polar carbon-hydrogen single bond groups than toluene, it is much non-polar than toluene. As the result of this, it can explain why the distance of fluorine in hexane is longer (1.3 cm) than the one in toluene (0.5 cm) and due to less non polar toluene has. Fluorenone can dissolve a little in toluene and slightly distance (1.0 cm) under toluene instead of does not move any more under hexane (0…show more content…
From Table 3, the IR spectrum for fluorene had two significant signals. One was a distinct peak at 1446.2 cm-1 that corresponds to a C=C group of theoretic IR spectrum. The other signal is a collection of shallow peaks at around 3000-3100 cm-1, which corresponds to an aromatic ring. These signals show that fluorene was synthesized and it is exact the same with IR spectrum in theoretic book. As the result of this, the sample was obtained was

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