Heterosexuality vs. Homosexuality

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I have had several encounters with people of different kinds of sexual orientation. There has been many controversies concerning the issues of heterosexuality and homosexuality. Homosexuality is known as the traditional way of family. Heterosexuality is known to be a disgrace or embarrassment to family. I have my opinions on both of the two but, everyone has a right to fulfill their needs the way they choose The two sexual orientations have their differences in beliefs, relationships, and reproduction. Heterosexuality is the norm for me and that’s the type of relationship I have always experienced. Heterosexuality is a romantic, sexual attraction or behavior between two people of the opposite sex. The American traditional way always has been that a man and a woman unite in love and raise a family. Heterosexual relationships are legal in all 50 states in the United States. The Christian faith approves the heterosexual relationship. They believe that God created woman to be a helpmate to the man. In a heterosexual relationship, the man and woman can be intimate sexually with each other and produce children. They can create the traditional family. I do believe that man was made for woman, and woman was made for man. Homosexuality to me is considered abnormal. Homosexuality is a romantic, sexual attraction or behavior between two people of the same sex. Gays are known to be a relationship between two males. Lesbians are known to be a relationship between two females. Many Americans and Christians believe that homosexual relationships are a disgrace and dysfunctional. Christians tend to say that homosexual relationships are an abomination before God. It has been said that if you engage in a homosexual relationship, that you will go to hell when you die. In the bible, homosexuality was called Sodom. If you engaged in sodomity you were punished to death. However,
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