Heterosexual Deviance Essay

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Lorenzo Cash Professor Cooper Deviant Behavior 2/15/2012 HETEROSEXUAL DEVIANCE This paper discusses heterosexual deviance as a category of social behavior. The paper defines the term "deviance" as a behavior that meets with social disapproval or punishment by society as they violate a social or moral code of conduct and discusses stalking and pedophilia as examples of heterosexual deviant behavior. The term “deviance” refers to a broad and changing category of social behavior. It’s defined as any behavior that meets with social disapproval or punishment by members of a society and/or of a smaller social group. Deviant behaviors are those behaviors that society considers to be bad, evil, sinful, criminal, insane, or even rude. Deviance is likely to produce some social efforts to punish and or control the deviant individual (sanctions). Deviance can be divided into categories along sexual lines which is to say that there are norms, social codes, standards, and moral codes for sexual behavior. Violation of the norms, social codes, standards and moral codes set up for heterosexuals are said to consist of “heterosexual deviant behaviors” or “heterosexual deviance. Several examples of heterosexual deviance include: teen sex, extramarital sex, pornography, cybersex, sexual harassment, and prostitution. They are deviant because in each case, the behavior violates a social, cultural, and/or moral norm of appropriate societal behavior concerning sexual or sex-related behavior for heterosexuals. In some cases such as those just listed heterosexually deviant behavior is merely the violation of a social or moral code of conduct and the consequences associated with them are not serious, and/or they are violations of social moral codes of only a specific segment of a much larger population. However, in other cases heterosexual deviance can be far more severe with very

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