Hesha Relating To Belonging

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Film: Hesher The movie Hesher is about a boy named TJ whose family is falling apart after the death of his mother. He has a depressed and jobless father at home and a bully at school but when he accidently forces a squatter out of his home, Tj’s life only gets more complicated as the squatter, Hesher, decides to move in. Hesher does not belong to places but instead shows Tj how you should belong to people and care for your friends and family. Hesher leads by example teaching Tj that conventional methods do not have to be followed to belong to someone if they enjoy being around you and you show that you care. He shows this by helping out the girl that Tj likes winning her respect, then breaks everything and drives off leaving just Tj and the girl there to talk. Hesher shows Tj and his father to unify in the pleasure of still having each other rather than being miserable and letting their lives fall apart. He does this through an extended metaphoric speech at Tj’s grandmother’s funeral, where using emotive language he says losing one of something but still having another of it is what Tj and his father are doing. While using metaphoric speech the camera is uses close ups of Hesher telling the story so that it seems more personal, the camera also has close ups of the characters reactions to Hesher’s metaphors. The symbolism of belonging to each other is shown by Tj and his father when Hesher takes the grandmothers coffin out for the walk that he promised her and Tj and his dad join him. In the film Hesher the issue of belonging is shown as a step by step process where you must belong to yourself and look after yourself before you can belong and care for others. The issue of what losing a loved one does is a theme throughout the movie that once solved helps the characters to feel like they belong to their family group again. Hesher also shows that belonging to

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