Herot: Symbol Of Beowulf

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Herot: symbol of Beowulf Herot is depicted as towering majestic, visible from all around which illustrates it is the epicenter of the majority of the conflict. The physical description of shimmering, gold covered gables, and Beauwolf’s recounting to Horithgar the sailors tales of it being the “best of all mead-halls” conjures up images of a grand stone castle that has be erected as a fortress to withstand the force of invasion from its exterior not withstanding the force of fire. It had been designed to protect all those that are within its walls and therefore by extension its people that are being governed by the King who lived within those walls. It provides grandeur and opulence to its inhabitants with gold covered floors and intricately designed metal adornments and ivory. Herot is much more than a physical structure in the story, it pulses with life. It is the symbolic heart of the battle between good and evil. It is as if Herot is a living breathing entity in which its survival is necessary for the Danes to thrive and prosper. The battle that rages between the soldiers and Grendel are only done at Herot, therefore this is where either evil or good will prevail. For Grendel to win he would need to take the heart and soul of the Danes from the halls of Herot and for the Danes to prosper and live then the battle must be fought and won in the these

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