Heros, teachers? Essay

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What really is a hero? In Ancient greek culture a hero was a demi-god, someone who rose up in the face of danger or a position of weakness and displayed courage and the will for self sacrifice to save another. Someone who will give everything to help others. People like the mighty Perceus, the fierce Achilles, or ever the lovable Herculies from the Disney cartoon, but does a hero really have to be a demi-god? Is a true hero be someone of myth or legend? The answer is simple. No. There are many a form of hero whether it be someone like a soldier, or simply someone who had made an impact on the life of another. I think that a true hero is someone who should be recognized for the feats of strength, and the impact they have upon the lives of others, is a teacher. You may ask, "Well what is so heroic about a teacher?" Well one of the things that should be most appreciated about a teacher, is the devotion to the people they teach. I once talked with a good friend of mine, who is a teacher. He told me, "Teaching takes passion. If you aren't passionate about the children you teach, if you don't show every ounce of devotion you can give to your students, you can't teach." I found a good example of this in an book by Christopher Day, called "A Passion for Teaching." The text says, "..Good teachers invest large amounts of their substantive emotional selves in pursuing their work with students." (A Passion for Teaching,Pg. 10) Nowadays it is hard to find a person who will open up, and give much of their emotional selves to anyone. For someone to give themselves to someone like that, with the sole intention of helping them to succed is a heroic feat indeed. In the book i also found a quote that said, "It is the teachers' passions that help their students escape the slow death of "busyness at work",

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