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Dreams WORDS act out = to show your feelings through actions ancient = old blood pressure = the power with which blood travels through your body 1 Dreams are pictures, sounds and feelings that happen during sleep. In the course of history people have had many explanations for dreams. In ancient Greece dreaming was thought to be a kind of contact with the gods. Sometimes they were regarded as signs of what may happen in the future. brain = the organ inside your head THEORIES OF DREAMING that controls how we move, feel and Over the past many dream theories have emerged. The most famous expert on dreamthink course of history = as time goes on, through the ages desire = what we want badly ing was Sigmund Freud, an Austrian doctor . At the end of the 19th century he found out that a part of our brain is the subconscious . Our mind keeps everything that we might want but cannot have there. It is a place where we keep our desires and wishes . In dreams we act out these wishes. divide = separate emerge = come up explanation = to find out why something happens DREAMS AND SLEEP Our sleep is divided into five stages. In the first stage we do not sleep very deeply and we wake up easily. During the following stages our sleep gets deeper and deeper. Afheart rate = the number of time’s a ter the fourth stage REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep begins. During this phase our person’s heart beats every minute heart rate and breathing gets faster . Blood pressure goes up and the brain starts to inactive = something does not move work but the body does not . That is why we don’t act out our dreams because the or work body is inactive. increase = to go up movement = the action of moving occur = happen rapid = fast regard = to look at as ... relax = rest rhythmic = regular sign = symbol, signal slow down = to become weaker stage =

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