Heroin Vs Morphine

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malcolm xavier 11/23/10 Chemistry Final What makes heroine so much more potent than morphine? There are several reasons why heroine is more potent than morphine. One is that there structures have a few difference. Two is that there polarities are very different from each other. Three there functions are a little different. These three difference show why heroine is more potent than morphine. Heroine and morphine are both used as painkillers, morphine is only use in hospitals and heroine has been made illegal in the USA because it is so addictive. Both are made for an Asian poppy plant. Heroin is so much more potent than morphine because it has a different function, structure, and polarity. The function of heroin and morphine tells us what the drug does when it hits the brain. Morphine, when it hits the brain it interacts with the mu opioid receptors. Morphine after entering the brain fits into these mu opioid receptors and releases a chemical signal to releases less Gaba. Gaba inhibits dopamine so less dopamine is made. This increases the dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is part of the brain's reward and pleasure system. Heroin is very similar to morphine but does something different. Heroin, when it enters the brain transforms into morphine by changing is CH3COO( carbon bond with 3 hydrogens that is bonded to a carbon and 2 oxygens) arms for OH(oxygen bonded to a hydrogen) arms then enters the mu opioid receptors. The mu receptors are clumps of protein that take on a specific form for morphine and other drugs to fit in. Structure has a great importance in telling scientist why heroin is more potent than morphine. Heroin has a much larger structure than morphine but it is quite similar. Heroin's structure is larger due to the fact that it has several more elements than morphine has. Morphine has arms of OH and heroin has CH3COO arms. Morphine and
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