Heroin Addiction In The Film 'Candy'

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Visual texts can often influence our perception of the world and construct ideas about the changing attitudes of modern society. The film Candy directed by Neil Armfield opens the reader up into the dark world of heroin addiction conveying the idea that modern society becoming less acceptant of junkies as seen through the isolated world of the two main characters. The deliberately confronting and grimm portrayal of drug addiction is constructed with the use of film codes such as camera techniques, setting, audio and character construction. These techniques give the viewer a chance to gain and realistic insight into the harsh reality of Heroin addiction and develop a response to the world wide issue. The construction of film codes within Candy…show more content…
They find the ultimate paradise in heroin and their intoxicating love becomes not enough. For Dan, Candy becomes his metaphor, she is the embodiment of his need and his loss and the distinction between heaven and hell. Throughout the film, Candy and Dan’s world slowly deteriorates from a fantasy into a whirlwind of addiction suggesting drugs will always bring you back down to hell. The first few scenes are titled ‘heaven’ following the beginning stages of Candy and Dan’s drug abuse. Candy tells Dan “I wanna try it your way this time”, suggesting she wants to find the limitlessness of pleasure in her life. The bath scene has almost a biblical reference to a baptism. Candy wakes up from her short coma enlightened almost as if she has been to heaven and back. “That was beautiful”, she tells Dan suggesting she has found paradise in heroin. The jerky camera movements within the scene reassure the audience of the reality and suggest they are disillusioned by the surreal world they live in. Earth and hell are the follow up in the next scenes as their addiction begins to take over their lives. It is then the reader realizes the representation of heaven is what separates Dan and Candy from the reality of
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