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Heroin: Heroin is a synthetic opiate drug, which means it is a form of opium – a very strong drug which has been used to relieve pain & has been abused for thousands of years. Opium is a fluid that comes from the opium poppy which is usually grown in South East Asia. Its two main parts are morphine and codeine which are used in many medical drugs. Morphine especially as it can change people’s moods, dull their senses, like “cutting them off from the world” and making them sleepy & relaxed. In 1898 a new medical drug which was faster acting and twice as powerful as morphine was created. It was originally called diamorphine and was used for emergency only pain relief. It soon became known as Heroin, and in 1920 people had began to inject themselves with it. Later it became available on the street and the addiction & abuse began. Heroin is usually a white to dark brown powder or a black sticky substance, known as black tar heroin. It is put into the body into a few ways, these are: Shooting Up: This is when a solution of heroin is put into a syringe and large amounts of it are injected directly into the bloodstream. This is called intravenous – directly into a vein; when this is done the drug takes affect within 10 seconds. Shooting Up is the method used by the majority of addicts as it is so effective. Users who use this method often end up with many scabs and damaged veins. Chasing the dragon: This is when some heroin powder is placed on a piece of foil and heated up; the fumes are then breathed in. It made heroin more popular as people thought is wasn’t as dangerous as injecting into the blood stream; of course it is just as bad if not worse as it damages the lungs. Snorting/smoking: In this method the powder is snorted up the nose & smoked like a cigarette. Some of the short term affects of heroin include: • Nausea and vomiting • Dilation of

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