Heroes in the Chrysalids, Resisting Social Pressure

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Literary Essay: The Chrysalids Heroes In the Chrysalids, Resisting Social Pressure All Characters in John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids that are considered heroes, resist social pressure in significant ways, which is the same as having noble or courageous qualities, they all risk something to help someone else. Characters in the Chrysalids that are considered heroes by resisting social pressure would be, Axel, Mrs. Wender, Mr. Wender, and Sophie Wender, as an adult. Axel is the biggest hero in the Chrysalids. The first time Axel proves that he is a hero by resisting social pressure is when he finds out about David’s think-shapes and he tells David to keep it a secret. When Axel and David were sitting together Axel said to David; I want you to keep it secret. I want you to promise that you will never, never tell anyone else what you have just told me- never. It’s very important: you’ll understand better how important it is. You mustn't do anything that would ever let anyone guess about it. Will you promise me that? (Wyndham 27-28). This displays how Axel puts all his trust in a 6 year old boy. David does not understand how important the secret is and he does not understand the dangers of not keeping it a secret, and Axel knows that, because he even says it. But he does it knowing the risks which makes it so heroic, he risks so much. The fact that Axel knows the risks of what might happen, is what makes this so heroic. David’s, Axel’s and the rest of the group’s lives are all at risk. Another time that Axel shows heroism by resisting social pressure is when he admits to David that he killed Alan: ‘Then I put a new string on my bow’ ‘so it was you!’ ‘It was the only thing to do, Davie. Of course I knew Anne would reckon it was one of you that had done it. But she could not denounce you without giving herself away and her sister too. There was a risk there,

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