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In this essay I will explore and analyze the novela titled "Heroes", written by Robert Cormier. I wil investigate how Cormier uses the them of heroism and how the characters are used to do so. For someone to be classed as a 'hero' they need to have several key attributes, throughout the novel Cormier introduces many characters whom he has constructed to get his message across to the audience, some of which he would like us to believe are worthy of the title 'hero' until certain secrets are revealed. This novela is based around Francis Cassavant, a soldier who has recently returned to French Town from the war. He has suffered horrific facial injuries, and as he describes 'no face'. These injuries occured during an act of great heroism when Larry pounced onto a grenade to shield is comrades from the blast. This could be interpreted as an extremely brave thing to do, but as soon as Cormier introduces the fact that Francis did nothing to prevent the rape of Nicole it gets inverted, Cormier may have been trying to imply that actually Francis is not a hero and once again his cowardice got the better of him as he tries to commit suicide because he cannot deal with the guilt. However, Francis survived and is now solely focused on one objective, to seek revenge on Larry LaSalle, the man he once idolized At the novels inception we are introduced to Francis Joseph Cassavant. Francis makes his facial injuries very apparent to the reader, as I previously quoted he has "no face." Francis doesn't seem grateful to have survived the blast, or even happy the war has concluded. Francis appears to have some kind of chip on his shoulder, he uses sarcastic metaphors to describe his face, refering his gaping nostrils as 'my caves', it continues "my ears are dangling pieces of flesh". He refers to himself as "the hunchback of Notre Dame" as "my face is like a gargoyle". He acts like he

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