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Homework English A Summary and Responds In the essay, (On the difficulty of being a contemporary hero) (magic and decline), the author made us to understand that modern communication has made mythmaking which is essential to hero making, more difficult. Nowadays is it very difficult to define a hero. Everybody has their own definition of what a hero is to him or her. A hero can be either someone you admire or someone close to you. In the essay you would see that heroes in the past, sure as Achilles and Ulysses, Siegfried and Roland, Beowulf and Richard are now replaced with people like Douglas MacArthur, Lyndon Johnson and Charles de Gaulle. In the past if a hero slapped a soldier in the face or picked up a beagle by the ear, nobody will know but in our new generation new those not stay one place. We have television, I-pod, radio and etc to inform us on what is happening. These thing sometime destroy the reputation of someone hero and the thought that the person have about he or she. I would like to discuss about a statement made by philosopher Sidney Hook. According to philosopher Sidney hook, a hero is (an eventful person) someone that makes things happens. She gave examples like Lenin and Churchill and compared them with Lyndon Johnson and Charles de Gaulle. I completely agree with her. When we made definition of what a hero is, we said, a hero is someone that take risk, make sacrifices and do so much more. A hero should be someone, who is able to make history and change something in the world, one way or the other. All the things I mentioned is something that heroes in the past did (example: Achilles, Ulysses, Roland and etc). These people were event making men. They did everything that described a hero, so they deserve the name but people like who got lucky to be called heroes don’t deserve it because they did not work for

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