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Alejandro Flores 20000849 Oct. 13, 2008 Engl. 1301 Sec 37, Row 7 Heroes Heroes are revered by people of many ages. There are many characteristics that define what make up a hero. There are different types of heroes such as the one we see out in the community and the ones in the comic books. People look up to their heroes for specific reasons. Heroes have unique characteristics that help define who they are and why they are admired. Heroes are seen out in the street often and we don’t even know it. Community heroes are mostly known for good deeds, like helping others. Children view their parents as heroes often. This is done because parents live successful lives and go through many things to help their children grow up. Heroes in the communities may contribute by providing donations and running drives to help out people that need to be. A small little contribution is just enough to become a hero to a certain person that needed the thing you supplied. A hero out in the community is just a normal human being using their kind heart to bring smiles to the less fortunate. Comic book heroes are great and seen by many people. They may be seen in movies as well not just in the comic books. These heroic characters are much different than just regular heroes. Characters in comics mostly have some kind of power used to protect the world from evil. Some characters are capable of flying, using super strength, and using their minds to fight tactically. Many children look up to such characters that fight crime and want to be like them. Characters in comic books are often known for how they dress, they use fighting costumes. The costumes these heroes use are sold to many children to try to become more like them. Comic book heroes are made up characters that are loved by many fans throughout the world that try to be heroic just like they see in movies Heroes may be drawn,

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