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GCSE English Literature for AQA Specification A resource sheets Heroes Robert Cormier Activities by Tony Childs © Harcourt Education Limited, 2006 The following pages consist of teacher’s notes and classroom support sheets for Heroes by Robert Cormier. These resources are to help students who are studying Heroes as part of the AQA GCSE English Literature specification. These pages can be freely downloaded and printed out as required. This material may be freely copied for institutional use. However, this material is copyright and under no circumstances can copies be offered for sale. The publishers gratefully acknowledge permission to reproduce copyright material. AQA GCSE English Literature Heroes – Robert Cormier Contents Introduction 3 Synopsis 4 The Assessment Objectives explained 6 Questions on the chapters 7 What do the Assessment Objectives mean for Heroes? 12 Planning responses to questions 14 Exam practice question 15 Revising 16 © Harcourt Education Limited, 2006 AQA GCSE English Literature Heroes – Robert Cormier Introduction Heroes is one of the choices of Prose texts in the GCSE English Literature Paper for AQA Specification A. In the examination, students are given a choice of one out of two questions to respond to in 45 minutes. Aim and content Working through the sheets on the novel will help students to get a grasp of the features of the novel as well as the details, and to understand how they will need to write about the novel in the examination to achieve good grades. There are some guided reading tasks as well as advice on examination requirements and writing. The page references in these resources refer to the Heinemann New Windmills edition of Heroes: ISBN 0 435 12511 7. © Harcourt Education Limited, 2006 Teaching Sheet 3 AQA GCSE English Literature

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