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Greg Santos Mrs. Rood Heroes What are Heroes to you? Many people think of a hero as someone with special abilities that saves people, like Spiderman and his ability to shoot webs, or have spider senses. What people don’t think of right away when hearing the word Hero is a firefighter, police officer, or even just a guy that happens to do a great deed for someone; they are all heroes as well. So yes, there are real heroes and not just the ones in comic books. There are many attributes heroes tend to posses, ultimately leading them to the type of person they really are. Beowulf is a hero for his people, the geats, and Heorot. Beowulf is a very brave character, he fears nobody. He and his people heard of the monster Grendel, who has been killing and terrorizing Heorot Hall, and right away Beowulf orders a ship to Heorot to aid King Hrothgar. He arrives and is spoken to by King Hrothgar’s lieutenant and tells him right away why he is there. Beowulf is stronger than any other human being on earth. He tells Hrothgar his victories and how he has driven back monsters to the ends of the earth. He chooses to fight Grendel with no weapon, only his bare hands. “I have heard…that the monster’s scorn of men is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none...nor will I.”(lines - ) When Beowulf is finally approached by Grendel he grabs a hold of his arms; leading to one of them being ripped off, and Beowulf’s victory. Grendel runs away and goes to die a slow death in his home of the swampy

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