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Jamie Brown Tacy Block 1 28 August 2011 Heroes and the Common Man. What makes a hero? Do heroes actually exist within society? Is a hero someone like Superman or Batman? Too many people believe that heroes are not real and that they are only imaginary beings created to entertain children. There are plenty of real-world heroes all around us. A hero can be anyone that helps, protects, or guide others. Many people in society help others. A great example is parents. Parents often help their children when they are in need. Parents can provide helpful advise or even actually go as far as to talk to people and provide materials for their children. Teachers are another good example. They help students on a daily basis by teaching and many teachers go a step further and stay after school to provide extra help for students. These are just a few examples of helpful heroes. When most people think of heroes, they think about people that protect others. Superman, for example, is always saving the earth from evil, keeping it safe. However Superman is a fictional character. There are many people that keep the world safe in real life as well. Police officers dedicate their lives to keeping our city safe from "bad guys". Firemen save people from burning buildings and put out the fires. Soldiers defend our country with their lives. Would these people not be considered heroes? Finally, heroes also guide us. Professor Xavier always provides the X-men with guidance through the discrimination and hate that they go through. Councilors do this too. They guide us through our feelings and help us to understand them. Therapist do this on a daily basis, guiding people whom have been through trauma. Without them many people would be lost and confused in this world. With all of these examples of wonderful people that allow society to function, how could you not consider them

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