Hero Journey Essay

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The hero journey is a point in one's life that changes a person forever. This journey can be physical, spiritual, and/or emotional. Three stages that usually form the hero journey are departure, trials, and homecoming. Both heros from the movies, the Empire of the Sun and Shawshank Redemption, go through the hero journey and are masters of both worlds at the end of the movies. The action of leaving the accustomed world starts both movies. Both Andy and Jamie receive and refuse their call, they are reluctant heros. Jamie’s call is his separation from his parents, he rejects this call by waiting for them in their home. He finally has to go out when he can’t find more food. Andy receives his call when he learns his wife’s affair with a successful golf player. When the bodies of his wife and her lover are found dead, he is believed to be their murderer. He is condemned to serve to two life sentences in the Shawshank prison. Heroes have mentor figures who provide them with tools and advice. Jamie’s supernatural aid is Basie who gives him valuable information like always drink boiled water, it kills the bacteria in the water. Red is Andy’s helping hand: he finds and gives Andy the rock hammer and lots of beneficial suggestions. Both heroes enter this new world from a portal. While Andy’s gateway is physical, Jamie has more of a mental threshold. Andy walks through the gates of the prison and finds him self in an unfamiliar environment. The gate is guarded by prison Japanese officers who could be thought as threshold guards. The white gowned officers in Jim’s house can also be thought as threshold guards, but Jamie enters the unfamiliar in the camp when he starts stealing food cups, something old Jamie would not have done. He even takes over a new name for a new life, Jim. Both heroes enter a field of adventure, leaving the known limits of their world and venture into an
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