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In my mind a hero to me is someone who helps everyone or does some good in the world. A hero also is someone who can influence others or help out others. A hero to me is Michael Jordan who is the greatest basketball player in history. Michael I think is a hero because he has influenced others like me to play basketball. He also changed the game of basketball all around. I’m guessing Michael influenced Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony who are other great basketball players that are currently in the NBA. Another person I think was a hero is Steve Jobs. Steve revolutionized the technology in the world. He made Apple one of the wealthiest companies in the world today. He has changed the thoughts and the ideas of technology today. He is one of the most heroic people I heard about in my life. I’m sure he influenced many other tech giants in the world. He wasn't just a businessman, but a visionary who made it his mission to make personal computing an everyday item, rewriting the rules of user experience design, hardware design and software design. He revolutionized music with iTunes which pretty much everyone uses today to listen to their music. Even though Steve Jobs passed away he will always be remembered for what he has brought to the world. Steve Jobs inspired me, I have taken an interest in computers and programming because of him. I believe Michael and Steve are real heroes and they define a hero by what they have

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