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English 10 Tragic Hero Essay Suggested Outline Introduction (1 paragraph) Open your essay by introducing the character of Okonkwo and the idea of the tragic hero. Give general details about Okonkwo as they pertain to whether or not he is a tragic hero. Your thesis (final sentence of your introduction) should state that Okonkwo is or is not a tragic hero. Body Paragraphs (5‐7 paragraphs) Define a tragic hero – use the notes from May 2, 2013, to describe what a tragic hero is. Do not copy the notes word‐for‐word into your paragraph. Summarize your notes in your own words. Give an example of a tragic hero from another story – Identify a tragic hero from a story other than Things Fall Apart, and discuss briefly how he or she represents the characteristics of a tragic hero. You should not write more than a paragraph about this, or you will lose focus on your purpose for writing. Discuss Okonkwo as a tragic hero – Using the last five attributes of a tragic hero from your notes (starting with noble birth/rises to greatness), discuss Okonkwo and support the position you took on whether or not he is a tragic hero. If you said he IS a tragic hero, give examples of how Okonkwo fits the attribute from the story for each of the five attributes listed. If you said he is NOT a tragic hero, identify how he does not match the description. You will need to develop this portion of your paper well, and it should be several paragraphs in length. Conclusion (1 paragraph) Summarize your discussion and restate your thesis in different words. Make sure your last paragraph leaves your audience with a satisfying conclusion.

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