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Heroes, in a way, are hidden inside each and every person its just the situation that brings the hero out of us. The ones we grow up reading about, seeing movies about, or dreaming of are just a figment of our own imagination. A real hero doesn’t wear a cape or becomes the role model to all, a real one probably has no idea he’s a hero because he’s just doing the right thing. “when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong and you'll finally see the truth- that hero lies in you.” - Mariah Carey Hero in yourself: A hero is in each person its just the choice that brings it out. Every person in life has a choice to do something right or above right, just voluntary. Whether it be helping someone because its right or being the hero to someone else its all still a choice. Everyday hero: A hero is an ordinary man, he's just braver five minutes longer. - Ronald Reagan An everyday hero is one of those people who get paid to save lives like a firefighter or a paramedic or they could be as simple as someone who saves a child from drowning in a lake. In many cases when someone gets labeled as a hero they don't even realize that they're the hero because they just see themselves as the person who just did the right thing. An ordinary hero sometimes gets overlooked by the public because no one has an idea that they were the hero of that moment. These people are just too modest to speak up and end up going their whole lives without one person knowing the truth, that they were the hero of that moment. Many of these kinds of heroes are hidden in our society because these people aren't those who are lucky enough to have a crowd or a witness the event. These may be the most important kinds of heroes because they were not asked to do the right thing they just did it on

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