Hero Analysis with Superman

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Heroes are a part of every culture, from the myths of ancient days to the superheroes that dominate the movies of today. Two of the most prominent superheroes of modern times are Batman and Superman. These two larger-than-life characters embody heroic ideals differently, though: Superman is an alien with superpowers; Batman is a regular, albeit wealthy, human being. While Superman’s super powers were more or less thrust upon him, Batman chose his life as the Caped Crusader. So which of these super figures best typifies the heroic ideal? The abilities of each of these characters are quite different. While Batman is a mere human with amazing gadgets, Superman is endowed with super strength, near invincibility, laser and x-ray vision, and the gift of flight, all of which he employs in the protection of Metropolis and Earth. Batman is, however, no less capable of protecting the citizens of Gotham City. Batman has an amazing array of equipment to help him. From his batarangs to the Bat-jet, Batman is in a unique position to fight crime. So, again, what sets one man apart as the more heroic figure? To answer this question, one must consider the characters’ motivations. The impetus for Bruce Wayne to fight crime is his parents’ murder. Young Wayne saw his parents murdered and vowed to avenge their deaths by fighting crime while searching for their killer. Superman, a.k.a. Kalel or Clark Kent as he is known on Earth, was sent to Earth by his parents as his home planet was being destroyed. Once on Earth, he was raised by a normal family, unaware of his origins or powers. Once he learned of his powers, he had the choice of how to use them. Therein lies the heart of the matter: While Batman chose to fight crime to avenge a personal wrong, Superman chose a life of sacrifice because he felt a moral duty to use his extraordinary powers for good. Superman could have chosen to

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