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HERO A battle was fought, in the Cradle of Life, Two forces locked in endless strife. When they very survival of our race was in question, One came to save us from the oppression. A Hero came forth, tall and proud, He came to lift the smothering cloud. Hence his arrival the enemy flees, Giving us hope that one day we’ll be free. A knight in shining armor, quite literally so, And when he passes, there remains no foe. But our assailants found for what they came, And escaped to a place that would soon be their bane. Now once again, depart must our savior, For a promise he made, to fight with valor. ----------------------------------------- As he fought over the changing terrain, A new enemy, but one so old, Came from the sky like deadly rain. Intelligence behind it, its plan bold. But with the help of his ally, and his unbroken resolve, He rescued his damsel in distress. Together once again, the problem they’d solve, They would clean up this horrible mess. But soon after, disaster struck, One who had helped them killed a friend. Gone crazed had he, for out was his luck. Now held in our Hero’s arms, his dieing comrade, Who was there in the beginning, and now at the end. Now fly he must, away from that place, Though be in a situation oddly familiar, Dwell on it he could not, for time he must race. Now as he rides, a steel beast of sorts, we’ll see how strong his wits are. As the world around him fall apart, Our Hero nears the end, the final jump. Over a cliff, hangs the vessel on which he’ll depart. He clears the edge, and prepares for a bump. ----------------------------------------- Now back home, a memorial is held, And though our rescuer is not to be seen, A new alliance a friend helps meld. And at last we are safe, now and forever. Now our lives just go with the flow. Two peoples now living

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