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China has a total area of 9,596,961 sq. km. (about 3.7 million sq. mi.), a population of 1,339,724,852 1, and have a Communist type of Government. But in spite of this numbers and words that embodies China right now, there are happenings in the past which create and establish a strong People’s Republic Of China. One of which is the youngest among all emperor’s Aisin-Gioro Puyi. Puyi had shaped enough what China is right now. The revolts and persecutions in his time reflect and represent a part of China’s culture and development. Also, the inventions and advancements pave way for what technology enhancement that China enjoys right now. As an excerpt says “He who doesn't appreciate his roots shall never succeed.” As we go on, we will go back in time where Puyi is still at his feet, from his childhood to his deathbed. We will know, how things are related in the events and happenings in China at future time. China traditionally wouldn’t accept western influence and eastern ethics to enter thru the walls of China for they want to preserve their cultural heritage. We can see this on their story, example of which is the Boxer Rebellion wherein the have this martial arts armory versus the bullets and guns of the enemy. We can see clearly how culturally China is not when this young emperor accepts one of the western influences, and that is by wearing of this spectacles or eyeglasses. China, even though a successful country right now, in the past, became a waterloo of revolutions and colonization. They are colonized by many foreign aggressors. But now, they are one of the dragon economy and world’s largest population. China do have its ups and down before gaining the title they do have now. It’s good enough to know how and what had had happened and what do they do to arrive on what situation they do have right now. 1 Wikipedia;” List of countries by population”;

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