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Types of Hernias and Hernia repairs Cassie Campbell HS225-02 Unit 4 Seminar: Option 2 Kaplan University April 17, 2014 There are about ten different types of hernia and about three ways to repair them. The different types are Inguinal Hernias, Ventral Hernias, Femoral Hernias, Umbilical Hernias, Epigastric Hernias, Hiatal Hernias, Acquired vs. Congenital, and Reducible vs. Nonreducible Hernias. The different repairs are Tension repair, Tension-free repair, and Laparoscopic tension-free repair. In this short paper I will give a brief explanation of the different types of hernias and I will explain the different types of repairs. Inguinal Hernias are the most common type. They are more common in men than women. This type of hernia occurs in the part of the abdominal wall called inguinal canal. Thus is how it got its name. You can classify this type of hernia as indirect or direct. Indirect occurs through a natural weakness in the internal inguinal ring. Direct is a result of a weakness in the floor of the inguinal canal. The repair recurrence is higher than 15%. Ventral Hernias appear in the abdomen at the site of a previous surgery. They can appear week, months, or even years after a surgery. The repair recurrence about 50%. Femoral Hernias are more common is women. They appear below the groin crease. This type of hernias is a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Most doctors will recommend early repair compared to waiting. Umbilical Hernias occur near the bellybutton or navel. They also occur in infants at or just after birth. If an infant develops a hernia it will not fully develop until ages 3 through 4. The recurrence rate is 11%. Epigastric Hernias are more common in men. They occur due to weakness, gap, or opening in the muscles or tendons of the upper abdominal wall. Hiatal Hernias occur because there is a weakness or opening in the diaphragm. This

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