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The Aztec created an empire in the 1400’s in the section that is now Mexico. The capital of Tenochtitlan what is now current day Mexico City. Arriving on the Valley Of Mexico, the Aztecs were forced to occupy a damp area on the western side of Lake Texoco, where their only piece of dry land was a tiny island surrounded by wetland. The Aztecs established their settlement of the site where they observed an eagle with a serpent in it’s grab on top of a cactus. This figure became the symbol that is now on the Mexican flag. Tenochtitlan While the development of the Aztecs was lengthened. They developed military and common organizations. Tenochtitlan began to mature from the small village of huts into a large city of adobe houses and rock temples. It was said that at the time of the Spanish attack, Tenochtitlan was one of the largest cities in the world, with the populace of about 00,000 natives.…show more content…
His father was Martin Cortes de Monroy and mother Dona Catalina Pizarro Alta Marino. The family was of minor nobility but with little means. Cortes was described as a sickly child. By the age of fourteen he was sent to study at the University of Salamanca. After two years of schooling for Cortes, before he returned to Medellin to the annoyance of his parents who had hoped to see him equipped for a profitable legal career. Plans were made in 150 for Cortes to sail to the Americas with a family acquaintance, Ovando, the newly appointed governor of Hispaniola. In 150, at the age of eighteen Cortes sailed in a convoy of merchant ships bound for Santo Domingo, the Capital of Hispaniola. In 1511, he was sent with Diego Velasquez and 00 men to conquer Cuba. At the age of twenty six he served as a clerk to the treasurer which entailed keeping account of the king’s fifth. In Cuba he became related to the governor Velasquez by a reluctant marriage to the governor’s sister- in- law

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