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HERMAPHRODITES A Term Paper By; Madison J. Schultz For Mr.Tessen’s Human Sexuality Class September, 25, 2008 First Quarter Hermaphrodites, you may also know them as intersexuals1 or middle sexuals. There have been books, articles, and television shows about them. They have made a living in freak shows and circuses. They have been somewhat rejected or displaced in society. So what is the big deal with hermaphrodites you may ask or what are they anyway, so I’ll tell you now. A hermaphrodite is simply a living organism with both female and male sexual organs2. Some organisms change from one gender to the other naturally to fill the need or lack of the opposite gender, these are also considered hermaphrodites. The type of hermaphrodites I’m going to tell you about are humans. To understand hermaphrodites you must know that they are people just like everyone else. In most cases they feel more like one gender than the other but do not know which one they identify with until they hit puberty and either get a whole bunch of testosterone or a whole bunch of estrogen. The problem is that until that point society raises them as either a girl or a boy, now you see how it could get confusing if a hermaphrodite, or intersexual as they prefer, was raised as a boy but once hitting puberty realized they were attracted to boys and liked to read Cosmo girl and paint their nails, society would classify them as gay or effeminate when actually they have all the hormones and physical attributes of a girl except for the fact that they have both a penis and vagina. This can also be embarrassing in a locker room and they rarely change in public. Some children may also ridicule them and they can become social outcasts among peers as nobody knows what to do with them. Once they get to dating age in high school or college it can also get tricky as these days there is a lot of

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