Herman Webster Mudgett: Serial Killer

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HERMAN WEBSTER MUDGETT Deric Smith Herman Webster Mudgett, a man of great intelligence used his brains to burn, mutate, gas, perform surgery, dissect and suffocate hundreds of people. Mudgett lived a sketchy and hard childhood, even though he was born into a wealthy family. He was teased by the other kids in the neighbor hood. “One day, some of the older boys waited until the doctor was gone, then carried the screaming Herman to the doctor’s door and pushed him toward the terrible skeleton.” (Allison Lassieur, 20) Mudgett became very interested in anatomy after this incident. Mudgett didn’t only murder people he also was involved in fraud, forgery, real estate, insurance scams and bigamy. (Michael Powell, 165) The first and one of the greatest serial killers in the United States was Herman Webster Mudgett. Herman Mudgett was known as HH Holmes or the Torture Doctor. It all began while he was in medical school at University of Michigan. He was looking for a scheme to get money quick. He thought insurance fraud, taking out a life insurance policy under a fake name and made himself the beneficiary. Soon after he stole a corpse from the university morgue,…show more content…
Townspeople dubbed it “The Castle,” and the name stuck. Unknown to everyone, the Castle had some unusual features. The first and third floors were typical of buildings of the day, with offices, shops, and other rooms. The second floor, however, was different. Dimly lit, narrow hallways snaked in all direction. There were secret passageways, false doors, secret stairways, sliding walls, trapdoors, and mysterious hidden chutes. Most rooms had tiny hidden gas pipes running into the rooms, with the master control in Holmes’s bedroom. Some of the rooms were soundproof. Almost all of them locked from the outside. (Lassieur,

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