Herman Miller Case

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Herman Miller Case Study. Professor William Maurer. By: Ashraf Rahman, & Ramon Fernandez Linares Garcia. Executive Summary: As I begun to write this business analysis for the first time, one cannot help thinking of how pronounced it would be to become a member of such a corporate model. Their organizational values, beliefs, incentives system, interdepartmental cross-functionality, production techniques, etc., are perfect to say the least. Having said that, after scrutiny and close examination, like many other companies, I discovered that Herman Millar is facing many future difficult decisions, mostly are concerned with its core values and internal practices. Core issues that directly involve the company`s current position and its future ability to compete on global level, perhaps one of the most important standing issues, is how to stay focused on values and philosophy while subject to change and development due to ever changing technology market and furious foreign competition. Moreover, Herman Miller entered the 21st century facing a growing imperative to sustain the competitive edge conferred by their design innovations, and environmental approach. Although it is true that being first to market with an innovative design can build market share and grow profit margins, however, it is always important to remember that this competitive edge can erode quickly as followers recognize a business opportunity and enter the market, therefore, Herman Miller will need to align its long-time held values along with innovation and advanced technology in order to successfully craft its “true north” strategy. In the next article, I will identify the issues that are currently facing the company`s future, and will provide few recommendations on how to address each of these issues in order to restore sales, and profitability.. I will also present some new

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