Herlth and Social Care Essay

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Health and Social Care Level 2 Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Health and Social Care Settings Assessment Project IMPORTANT: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS BEFORE RETURNING THIS WORKBOOK TO LIFETIME Name of learner: I confirm this is all my own work. Email address: Signature: Date: EQUALITY AND INCLUSION ASSESSMENT PROJECT Contents Section 1 Section 2 Learner Notes Section 3 Assessment Questions Section 4 4% Initial Assessment Assessment Decision and Assessor Feedback page 3 page 4 page 5 page 14 Assessment Information You must: oo Answer ALL questions fully paying close attention to the exact wording – see table below which shows the‘doing words’. oo Answer ALL questions correctly to pass the unit. Should we refer you; you will be asked to reattempt and resubmit only those questions you did not get correct first time round. What do I do once I have completed the workbook? Once you have completed the workbook, then you will need to contact your Regional Trainer who will explain what needs to be done next. Complaints & Appeals Please refer to your Induction workbook Doing words and their description 94% Identify/State List Outline Explain/ Describe 2 To recognise a problem, need, fact and to show that it exists A short record of information, usually written with a single thing on each line A short record of information without detail To make something clear or easy to understand or giving information about it Section 1 Initial Assessment Acknowledgment of Any Previous Training This section covers what you might already know, it asks you to identify any training you have completed in the last 12 months on the subject. Below you are asked to include a small description of the training provided. Please refer to any

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