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HeritageAssessment completed 2 Heritage Assessment Immaculata Okele Grand Canyon University Family Centered Health Promotion May 19, 2013 Heritage Assessment Cultural legacy is a tradition of a group of people or society that is passed down from generation to generation, which is to be applied in future by the off springs to prevent cultural extinction. Cultural heritage has a huge influence on an individual’s health as well as socio-economic aspect one one’s life. United States as a nation has its own culture which is the western culture, but has been noted to be influenced by the other cultures such as the Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian, and also the Hispanic. Throughout history, the United States of America has been known to be a racially and ethnically diverse nation as a result of great number of immigration from many different nation and continents. There are many unique and integrated cultural subgroup. Every individual has its own inherited culture and is quite different from another individual. Heritage Assessment tool is used as a dependable tool to identify and assess, health protection, maintenance and restoration of individual culture. One’s cultural views on health protection, maintenance and restoration is different from another. In health promotion, it’s the duty of a nurse to be culturally competent, in order to make the best decision to provide quality patient’s care, even though the nurses’ cultural belief might be different. Heritage assessment will aid the nurse to identify and understand a patient’s cultural back ground and how it influences the patient’s health. In this paper, Hispanic, Philippines and African cultures were assessed. Starting with the writer, the writer is from Nigeria in West Africa, she hails from the eastern part of Nigeria of the Igbo tribe and speaks Igbo language. The writer comes from a

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