Heredity And Hormones Influence Of Human Behavior

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Heredity and Hormones Influence on Human Behavior Debates on nature versus nurture are more likely to determine that genetics are the cause for human behavior. More and more researchers pay attention on genes and behavior, therefore, their tendency to follow a line of investigation on the influence of heredity on human behavior increases the belief that genetics is a major issue which influences physical behaviors. However, the only fact of connection between genetics and behavior seems to be too simple to describe the complex process of human behavior. The factor of hormones’ influence on behavior is also identified which debates the reality of it being controlled exclusively by genetics. The endocrine system is very active and is connected to most of the other main systems of the body. The production of hormones and the regulation of them are performed by the endocrine system. Hormones are chemical “couriers” inside the body which are able to generate particular reactions in cells or organs throughout a number of conflicting systems. This allows the endocrine system to lead processes such as development, reproduction, and behavior along with other systems. Hormones are produced by the glands and a few organs spread in different places of the body. According to Morris and Maisto (2002) the glands engaged in hormone production are thyroid, parathyroids, pineal, pituitary, gonads, and adrenal glands. Pancreas and some parts of the digestive tract also play role in the production of certain hormones which working together with glands has an effect of many other areas of the human body. Genes are which give us different hereditary characteristics. They do have an effect on behavior; but, not single genes. Behaviors are complex and involve various genes among many other factors. Genetics are just partly what affects behaviors. As a complex
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