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Here’s To Your Health Critiquing Assignment In the article “Here’s to your health” by Joan Dunayer her lack of strong, credible arguments is a key factor that works against her. Coupled with her lack of evidential sources and one too many “Slippery Slope” assumptions, the strength of her argument on societies acceptance of alcohol, media’s provocation of it, and the influence it has on people is greatly impacted in a negative way that hinders it’s significance. More so when taken into consideration that her argument is a relatively good one. Throughout the argument Dunayer shares a rather extensive list of supposedly “factual data.” The only problem with such data is that it is presented as though it were common sense, in the sense that there are no sources given. That said, her statements, as logically sound as they may be, are weakened by her lack of sources which would otherwise strengthen the impact of her statements. Of course this is fine when addressing a specific audience, an already informed audience, but it does not have much sway with an otherwise oblivious one. For example, Dunayer writes, “By the age of 21, the average American has seen drinking on TV about 75 000 times.” and “Like all alcohol, it lowers the levels of male hormones in men and of female hormones in women - even when taken in small amounts.” Both of these arguments may in fact be true, however she gives no credibility and leaves the assumption for one to think that she’s stating her own knowledge as a credible source to further her argument. Moreover, falling in league with the prior point, Dunayer’s lack of credibility leads to a weakened argument on her behalf. As aforementioned, though she does share knowledge in the article that does seem reasonable to assume, it’s

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