Here Today-Gone Tomorrow Essay

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Abstract Over the years there has been a controversial debate over the issue of abortion dating back to the early 1800’s. States and laws have set limitations on abortions, which have drastically changed society, technology, doctors, and even the lives of babies. The main issue has been whether to consider when the fetus actually begins to have life. Sadly, this issue has been greatly overlooked. The focus is no longer on the mother let alone the human being she has inside, it has been about power and money. It is important to come to a conclusion that at the end of the day the one who suffers is either the mother of the child or the child. Providing adequate procedures and support will increase the assurance of the women making the correct decision as to abortion or not, thus focusing only on the main issue, the baby and the mother. Fetus, Here Today Gone Tomorrow Abortion has been a controversial topic since the early 1800‘s. Abortion has not only affected women but society in general. Some people choose to be pro choice and others choose to be pro life. Within the United States, different laws have been established; they are either to out law abortion or give women legal rights. Although abortion is wrong it should remain an option for women because they will consider illegal abortion, which will put women more at risk. This research will provide an insight on how abortion has changed throughout history beginning from early 1800’s until present time and show different points of view regarding abortion. Abortion has been around ever since women have been able to conceive. Abortion was legal within the United States until early 19th century; women celebrated the fact that they were able to obtain an abortion. Ancient Greeks and Christian philosophers agreed that abortion was morally acceptable before “quickening” (Runkle, 1998).

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