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Name: ts32 Drivers Education Unit Seven Unit Seven Activity Packet Complete two out of the four activities below. Pick the two that best match your interest or ability. Once you have completed the two assignments, save the document and submit it to the teacher through the portfolio. Both choices need to be completed on this same document. Choice One Write a report on the history of motorcycles, moped, motor scooters, or bicycles. The report should be at least 5 paragraphs with at least 5 sentences per paragraph. The report should include safety features that have been modified over the years. All resources should be cited (in any appropriate format). If any of the report has any copied thought or written form in the report, without proper citing, the student will receive no credit for the assignment The american motorycyle industry in production started out with Indian & Harley Davidson. The were, known as street bikes, or touring bikes. had twin cylinder engines, and the frames were much heavier than that of a bicyle frame. And at that time, most of them were in two wheel configuration. A little later they came in three wheel configuration, and some had side cars available for them, and side cars allowed a passenger to ride fairly comfortably. Motorcycles came into heavy production, and heavy usage, during the second world war. They were used to take messages from one general to another, or from a general to the troops. Some even had weapons mouted on them. some with sidecars had machineguns mounted on the front of them so the passenger could operate it from the sidecar. After the war, motorcycle production fell off considerably. A few marines even brought home, japanese fold-up motorcycles. The motorcycle industry in the United States, really picked up in the 50's 60's & 70's. When the japenese started importing their motorcycles

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